The final exams of the second semester will be held between February the 21st and February the 28th 2018 according to the  following schedule (which is also available on the standard web page of the weekly schedule) :


You can find here a link to the web page of the

Thematic Semester on Mathematics and Computer Science in Biology at IMT.



To apply to our M2, if you are coming from outside the European Union, you need to apply through the Campus France organization; this has to be done as soon as possible (please check the Campus France web page for details). The name of our M2 in the Campus France inscription form is:

« Master professionnel Sciences, technologies, santé mention mathématiques et applications parcours Recherche et Innovation »

The selection for CIMI Fellowships for the year 2018-2019 is open : the deadline for applications is february the 4th 2018.

The application to the above fellowships is INDEPENDENT from the application to our M2.

For foreign students the EIFFEL Fellowships offer a good opportunity to fund your M2 in Toulouse : if you are interested in applying please contact directly Francesco Costantino before novembre the 25th 2017.

For students from INDIA, please be informed of the following scholarships :

For students from THAILAND, please be informed of the scholarships :

More in general you can search for funding opportunities in Campus France’s internet site :


Go to the following URL for all the procedure and all details.

(Follow the path    Home > Study > Registration.)

Please read carefully all the instructions contained therein.


First step (Préinscription) before June the 6th 2017.

IMPORTANT for Foreign Students. If your country is associated to CAMPUS FRANCE, you have first to register at the following address

http://www. »nameofyourcountry » (replace nameofyourcountry by the name of your country in FRENCH)

see the website of Campus France here.

before MARCH the 31st 2017.

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