Ioana Gavra (2014-2017) Ioana started its PhD Thesis in Octobre 2014 with a joint supervision of Laurent Miclo.  Ioana studied some generalization of stochastic algorithms recently developed as  sequential learning procedures to estimate Frechet averages on complex structures likre graphs. She obtained results on discrete complex structures like Facebook graphs, traffic-maps of New-York, etc.

Sofiane Saadane (2013-2016)

Sofiane started its PhD Thesis in September 2013 with a joint supervision of Fabien Panloup. Sofiane will study some Regret properties of penalized bandits algorithms introduced by Lamberton and Pagès in 2008 and further generalizations of such probabilistic algorithms. He then developed a non-asymptotic study of the Heavy Ball with friction stochastic algorithm.

Clément Bouttier (2014-2017)

Clément started its PhD Thesis in May 2014 with a joint supervision of Sébastien Gerchinovitz.  Clément studied some on-line method in the view to optimize navigation tasks of airplances (reduction of the noise, consumption, time travel, etc). The subject has been  largely interfaced with Airbus and l’Enac. The challenging question was to develop a predictive and conservative algorithm, which first determine a nice flight plan up to some initial meteorological observations, and then may adapt this last plan to several observed on-line modifications of the external conditions.

Magali Champion (2011-2014)

PhD Thesis started in September 2011 with a joint supervision of Matthieu Vignes   and  Christine Cierco-Ayrolles. Magali first studied a greedy learning algorithm from broth a practical and theoretical point of view. She then applies this boosting method to the gene regulatory network inference. She also developed an improvement of this algorithm within the field of Uncertainty Quantification with a nice work on Boosting with error in variables. She has also studied a stochastic procedure for causal inference. Magali has joined Stanford University and has a Post Doc position in Biomedical Informatics.

Claire Christophe (2011-2014)

PhD Thesis started in September 2011 with a joint supervision of Patrick Cattiaux . Claire’s PhD concerns the interaction mathematical modelling between Cytotoxic cells (CTL) and Tumoral cells aggregated in nodule. Claire considers as well birth and death processes (Yulle-Ferry) with statistical questions, and CTL motility biased by self interacting particle systems. She has illustrated an interesting phase transition phenomenon in this comptetition model. She now studies the exhaustion behaviour of CTL cells during their fight against melanoma cancer.