Statistics with Geometry and Topology



Toulouse August-November 2019


This thematic trimester aims to highlight recent advances and scientific synergies between statistics and geometry. The dynamics of this scientific combination between statistics and geometry is driven by many applications in the field of signal processing (radar, images, …) and massive data (internet databases, monitoring, …). This thematic trimester will undoubtedly be a scientific springboard for the development of a Statistical Geometry-Computational Geometry research axis, whose efflorescence is highly probable in the next decade. The trimester will open at the end of August 2019, with the GSI 2019 conference organized at ENAC. The thematic trimester will then extend, from September to November, around the three following scientific axis:

  • Information Geometry (30th of August-6th of September 2019—14th-19th of October 2019),
  • Topology for learning and data analysis (30th of September-4th of October 2019),
  • Computational algebraic geometry, optimization and statistical applications (6th-8th November 2019).

Registration is free however mandatory. To register to a workshop please go to workshop pages.

Financial support application for students are available. Please go to workshop pages.


Poster of the thematic trimester

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Practical Information (including how to move and lodge in Toulouse)

 Satellite events

Preparating workshop (including geometry, topology, statistics for dummies)

French excellence school on Geometry and Statistics. Master class. July 2019

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