About me


Hi! I’m Benjamin Haïoun.moi-orateur

I am a PhD student in Mathematics in Toulouse, France, since 2021. My CV.

My advisors are  Francesco Costantino (Université Toulouse 3) and David Jordan (University of Edinburgh). My PhD subject is: Non-semisimple invariants and dualizable categories.

My research interests lie on the bridge between low dimensional/quantum topology and higher algebra, using the cobordism hypothesis. My current project is to study non-semisimple variants of the Witten–Reshetikhin–Turaev TQFT seen as relative to Crane–Yetter. I use tools from skein theory and category theory. I study the representation theory of quantum groups, braided tensor categories, stated skein algebras, skein categories, dualizability in higher categories, and related subjects.


Contact me: benjamin.haioun at ens-lyon.fr

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