About me


Hi! I’m Benjamin Haïoun.moi-orateur

I am a PhD student in Mathematics in Toulouse, France, since 2021. Here’s my CV.

My advisors are  Francesco Costantino (Université Toulouse 3) and David Jordan (University of Edinburgh). My PhD subject is: A higher-algebraic apporach to non-semisimple quantum invariants.

My research interests lie on the bridge between low dimensional topology and higher algebra, using the cobordism hypothesis. My current project is to describe how to obtain non-semisimple variants of the Witten–Reshetikhin–Turaev TQFT from a boundary condition to a fully extended 4-dimensional TQFT analogous to Crane–Yetter. I use tools from skein theory and category theory. I study the representation theory of quantum groups, braided tensor categories, stated skein algebras, skein categories, dualizability in higher categories, and more!


Contact me: benjamin.haioun at ens-lyon.fr

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