Recents preprints

  1. (with Vezzosi) Trace formula for dg-categories and Bloch’s conductor conjecture I. PDF
  2. Structures symplectiques et de Poisson sur les champs en catégories. PDF
  3. (with Pantev) Poisson geometry  of the  moduli of   local systems on smooth varieties. PDF


Some texts which are not intended to be published.

  1. K-théorie et cohomologie des champs algébriques. PhD thesis, June 1999. PDF
  2. Homotopical and Higher Categorical Structures in Algebraic Geometry. Habilitation thesis, May 2003. PDF
  3. Dualité de Tannaka supérieure. MPI preprint, June 2000. PDF
  4. Anneaux de Grothendieck des n-champs d’Artin. Preprint, September 2005. PDF
  5. (joint with Vezzosi) Segal topoi and Segal stacks over them. Preprint, 2002. PDF
  6. Proper local complete intersection morphisms preserve perfect complexes, October 2012. PDF
  7. Operations on the derived moduli space of branes, 2013PDF
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