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Notes au CRAS, Actes avec comité de lecture et chapitres de livres

  1. Saturation spaces in inverse problems in econometrics, J-M. Loubes et A.Vanhems, Proceedings of the American Econometric Society, 1112-1129, 2003.
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  5. Approximate Maximum Entropy Maximizer (AMEM) with L2 error J-M. Loubes and P. Rochet, Book Elsevier: Review on Image statistical analysis, 2009.

Submitted papers – disponibles sur HAL et ArXiV

  1. Adaptive estimation of covariance functions via wavelet thresholding and information projection, J. Bigot, R. Biscay, J-M. Loubes and L. Muniz, révision Esaim & PS
  2. Estimation of deformations between distributions by minimal Wasserstein distance. H. Lescornel & J-M. Loubes hal-00749519 soumis à Annals of Stat. (2012)
  3. Modeling Weather Conditions Consequences on Road Trafficking Behaviors. Allain G., Gamboa F., Goudal P., Kien J.-N., Loubes J-M. soumis à Canad. Journal of Stat., 14, 2013.
  4. Efficient estimation of conditional covariance matrices for dimension reduction. Loubes J-M., Marteau C., Solis M., Da Veiga S. soumis à Statistica Neerlandica (2013)
  5. A Kriging Procedure for Processes indexed by Graphs. T. Espinasse and J-M. Loubes. Stochastic Process and Applications soumis 2013.
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