T0+48 meeting

The T0+48 meeting has been held on Tuesday 24 September in Toulouse (IMFT).

T0+42 meeting

The T0+42 meeting has been held on Friday 24 April in Toulouse (IMFT).

T0+36 meeting

The T0+36 meeting has been held on Friday 26 September in Toulouse (IMFT).

T0+30 meeting

The T0+30 meeting has been held on Tuesday 1 April at Tours (INRA).

Workshop “Collective motion of active swimmers”

The goal of the workshop is to provide an interdisciplinary forum gathering biologists, mathematicians and physicist working on the experimental observation and numerical modeling of suspensions of active swimmers. The workshop will consist of 6 one-hour lectures by experts and 8 thirty-minutes more specialized presentations.

More detailed informations can be found here:

T0+24 meeting

The T0+24 meeting has been held on Friday 27 September at Nice (I3S).

T0+18 meeting

The T0+18 meeting has been held on Tuesday 19 March at L’Aigle (IMV).

T0+12 meeting

The T0+12 meeting has been held on Tuesday 18 September at Nice (I3S).

T0+6 meeting

The T0+6 meeting has been held on Wednesday 21 March at Tours (INRA).

Kick-off meeting

MOTIOMO kick-off meeting has been held on Nov. 18 2011 at IMT, Toulouse.

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