Master School on Data Science and Geometry


The aim of this summer school is to provide an insightful overview of two very actual mathematical topics: Geometry and Data Science. These two themes will first be developed separately and then will merge through the study of highly efficient recent algorithm developed to handle complex data. Toulouse Institute of Mathematics has a hight world visibility for its researches in Geometry and Stochastic Analysis. The participant of this summer school will benefit of this high level of competence in the city considered as the jewel of the south west of France.

The school will be organized as follows. the three first weeks, the students will follow both 10 hours in Geometry (2h daily) and 10 hours of Statistics (2h daily). While the last week will be devoted to implementation in Python of Data Science algorithms built using geometric tools.

The expected level of the participants may vary from the end of the third undergraduate year of mathematics to the end of the first master year. That is, we expect the students have followed and completed 3 to 5 years of mathematics.

The school will count with six blocks of ten hours courses and one block of twenty hours course on Geometry and Statistics. The first three weeks, the students will follow one course on Geometry and one on Statistics. The last week a twenty hours course, including student projects, is scheduled.  This last course will explore some interesting interactions between geometry and data sciences.

Details of the lectures


Practical information

For more information including registration, please get in touch with the organiser of the School

Organiser of the School Paulo Carrillo Rouse <paulo.carrillo AT>


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