This three-day workshop is coorganised by the GDR MEGA,  and the Mathematics Institute at Toulouse.

The workshop is aimed at bringing together young and confirmed researchers working in operator algebras and in random matrix theory with a focus on complex spectra. This includes, of course, aspects of 2D Coulomb gases. Two minicourses of four hours each will be given by Djalil Chafai and Roland Speicher.

Funding is available upon request. In particular, members of the GDR MEGA can be covered (to some extent) by the GDR. In any case, participants who wish to apply for funding are invited to contact the organizers.

In order to participate to the conference, please fill the Application Form.



Organizers: Serban Belinschi, Mireille Capitaine, Guillaume Cébron, François Chapon, Reda Chhaibi, Michel Ledoux. Contact.

Speakers (*: To be confirmed)

  • Akemann Gernot (Bielefeld University)
  • Philippe Biane (CNRS & Université Paris-Est)
  • Natasha Blitvic * (Lancaster University)
  • Charles Bordenave (Université Aix-Marseille)
  • Djalil Chafai (Université Paris-Dauphine)
  • Franz Lehner (TU Graz)
  • Alice Guionnet * (CNRS & ENS Lyon)
  • Jamal Najim (CNRS & Université Paris-Est)
  • Simona Rota-Nodari (Université de Bourgogne)
  • Roland Speicher (Universität des Saarlandes)


Practical details:


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