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International Cooperation Programs


International Cooperation Programs

Latin America

  • Director  of Melissa Cyber-University (Mathematical E-Learning in Statistics in South America)latin-america

My MELISSA Phd Students

  1. Lilian Muniz-Alvarez (Phd in 2010) Assistant Professor La Havana Cuba
  2. Santiago Gallon (Phd in 2013) Assistant Professor Medellin Colombia
  3. Maikol Solis-Chacon (2010-2014 Phd student)
  • Director of Prefalc program for Costa Rica and Colombia (2010-2014+ 2015-2019)
  • Member of Cuba cooperation program
  • Member of Ecos-Nord Venezuela (2004-2008)


  • Director of FICUS French Indian Cyber University (2008-2011)

Russia : « dear Tomorrow »

Project with HSE and french foreign ministry on Artificial Intelligence and Creative Writing

Some research invitations & nice places to work

Some Travel pictures



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