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Some complements or corrigenda are available for some of the papers.



        1. P. Cattiaux, F. Delebecque, O. Hacquard.
          Topological interactions for collective dynamics: a study of a (not so) simple model. (2019). [pdf]
        2. P. Cattiaux.
          Entropy on the path space and application to singular diffusions and mean-field models. (2024)
        3. .

Published or Accepted papers

          1. P. Cattiaux, L. Colombani, M. Costa.
            Asymptotic deviation bounds for cumulative processes.
            Stoch. Proc. and their Appli. 163: 85–105, 2023
            . [pdf]
          2. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin.
            A journey with the integrated Gamma2 criterion and its weak forms.
            Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis: Israel Seminar (GAFA). 2020-2022. LNM 2327, Springer Verlag, 167–208, 2023.
          3. P. Cattiaux, G. Conforti, I. Gentil, C. Léonard.
            Time reversal of diffusion processes under a finite entropy condition.
            Ann. Inst. Henri Poincaré Probab. Stat. 59 (4): 1844–1881, 2023
            . [pdf]
          4. P. Cattiaux, M. Fathi, A. Guillin.
            Self-improvement of the Bakry-Emery criterion for Poincaré inequalities and Wasserstein contraction using variable curvature bounds.
            J. Math. Pures Appl. 166 (9): 1–29, 2022
            . [pdf]
          5. P. Cattiaux, L. Colombani, M. Costa.
            Limit theorems for Hawkes processes including inhibition.
            Stoch. Proc. and their Appli. 149: 404–426, 2022. [pdf]
          6. P. Cattiaux , J. Fischer, S. Roelly, S. Sindayigaya.
            Random population dynamics under catastrophic events.
            Journal of Applied Probability. 59(4): 962–982, 2022. [pdf]
          7. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin.
            Functional inequalities for perturbed measures with applications to log-concave measures and to some Bayesian problems.
            Bernoulli. 28(4): 2294–2321, 2022.  [pdf]
          8. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin, L. Wu.
            Poincaré and logarithmic Sobolev inequalities for nearly radial measures.
            Acta Math. Sinica. 38(8): 1377–1398, 2022.  [pdf]
          9. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin.
            On the Poincaré constant of log-concave measures.
            Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis: Israel Seminar (GAFA). 2017-2019. Volume I. LNM 2256, Springer Verlag, 171–217, 2020. [pdf]
          10.  P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin, P. Monmarché, C. Zhang.
            Entropic multipliers method for Langevin diffusion and weighted Log-Sobolev inequalities.
            J. of Funct. Anal. 277(11): 108288, 2019. [pdf]
          11. P. Cattiaux, E. Nasreddine, M. Puel.
            Diffusion limit for kinetic Fokker-Planck equation with heavy tails equilibria: the critical case.
            Kinet. Relat. Models. 12(4): 727–748, 2019.  [pdf]
          12. P. Cattiaux, F. Delebecque, L. Pédèches .
            Stochastic Cucker-Smale models: old and new.
            Ann. Appl. Probab. 28(5): 3239–3286, 2018.
          13. E. Boissard, P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin, L. Miclo.
            Ornstein-Uhlenbeck pinball and the Poincaré inequality in a punctured domain.
            Séminaire de Probabilités XLIX. LLNM 2215, Springer Verlag, 1–55, 2018. [pdf]
          14. P. Cattiaux, J. R. Leon, C. Prieur.
            Estimation of the invariant density of a reflected diffusion using an Euler scheme.
            Monte Carlo Methods and Applications. 23(2): 71–88, 2017. [pdf]
          15. P. Cattiaux, J. R. Leon, A.A. Pinedo Centeno, C. Prieur.
            An overlook on statistical inference issues for stochastic damping hamiltonian systems under the fluctuation-dissipation condition.
            Statistics: Special issue in  honour of Paul Doukhan. 51 (1) : 11–29, 2017. [pdf]
          16. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin.
            Hitting times, functional inequalities, Lyapunov conditions and uniform ergodicity. 
            J. of Funct. Anal .
            272(6): 2361–2391, 2017. [pdf]
            Corrigendum Theorem 1.2  [pdf-corrigendum]
          17. P. Cattiaux, L. Pédèches.
            The 2-D stochastic Keller-Segel particle model: existence and uniqueness.
            ALEA, Lat. Am. J. Probab. Math. Stat.
            13 (1) : 447–463, 2016. [pdf]
          18. P. Cattiaux, J. R. Leon, C. Prieur.
            Estimation for stochastic damping Hamiltonian systems under partial observations: III. Diffusion term. 
            Ann. Appl. Probab. 26 (3) : 1581–1619, 2016. 
          19. P. Cattiaux, M. Fradon, A. Kulik, S. Roelly.
            Long time behavior of stochastic hard balls systems.
            Bernoulli.  22(2) : 681–710, 2016. [pdf]
          20. P. Cattiaux, J. R. Leon, C. Prieur.
            Recursive estimation for stochastic damping Hamiltonian systems.
            Journal of Nonparametric Statistics. 27 (3) : 401–424, 2015.  [pdf]
          21. C. Christophe, M. Rodrigues, S.Müller, L. Dupré, P. Cattiaux, S. Gadat, S. Valitutti.
            A biased competition model theory of  cytotoxic T lymphocyte  interaction with tumor nodules. 2015.
            Plos One. Published: March 27, 2015. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0120053[pdf]
          22. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin.
            Semi log-concave Markov diffusions.
            Séminaire de Probabilités XLVI. LNM 2014, Springer Verlag, 231–292, 2015. [pdf]
          23. P. Cattiaux, J. R. Leon, C. Prieur.
            Estimation for stochastic damping Hamiltonian systems under partial observations: II. Drift term.
            ALEA, Lat. Am. J. Probab. Math. Stat. 11 : 359–384, 2014. [pdf]
          24. P. Cattiaux, J. R. Leon, C. Prieur.
            Estimation for stochastic damping Hamiltonian systems under partial observations: I. Invariant density.
            Stoch. Proc. and their Appli. 124 (3) : 1236–1260, 2014.  [pdf]
          25. P. Cattiaux.
            Long time behavior of Markov processes.
            ESAIM Proc. 44 : 110–129, 2014. [pdf]
          26. P. Cattiaux, M. Manou-Abi.
            Limit theorems for some functionals with heavy tails of a discrete time Markov chain.
            ESAIM PS. 18 : 468–482, 2014.
          27. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin.
            Functional Inequalities via Lyapunov conditions.
            In « Optimal transportation. Theory and applications. »
            London Mathematical Society Lecture Notes Series 413:274–287. Cambridge Univ. Press, 2014.
          28. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin, P.A. Zitt.
            Poincaré  inequality and hitting times.
            Ann. Institut Henri Poincaré. 49 (1) : 95–118, 2013.
            Corrigendum  Proposition 5.3  [pdf-corrigendum]
          29. P. Cattiaux, D. Chafai, A. Guillin.
            Central Limit Theorems for additive functionals of ergodic Markov diffusions.
            ALEA, Lat. Am. J. Probab. Math. Stat. 9 (2) : 337–-382, 2012.
          30. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin, L. Wu.
            Some remarks on weighted logarithmic Sobolev inequality.
            Indiana University Mathematics Journal. 60 (6) : 1885–1904, 2011.
          31. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin, C. Roberto.
            Poincaré inequality and the L^p convergence of semi-groups.
            Elec. Comm. in Prob. 15 : 270–280, 2010.
          32. P. Cattiaux, D. Chafai, S. Motsch.
            Asymptotic analysis and diffusion limit of the Persistent Turning Walker Model.
            Asymptotic Analysis. 67 (1-2) : 17–31, 2010. 
          33. P. Cattiaux , N. Gozlan , A. Guillin, C. Roberto.
            Functional inequalities for heavy tails distributions and application to isoperimetry.
            Electronic J. of Proba. 15 : 346–385, 2010.
          34. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin, L. Wu.
            A remark on Talagrand’s transportation information inequality and logarithmic Sobolev inequality.
            Prob. Theory. and Rel. Fields. 148 : 285–304, 2010.
          35. P. Cattiaux, S. Méléard.
            Competitive or weak cooperative stochastic Lotka-Volterra systems conditioned to non extinction.
            J. Math. Biology. 60 (6) : 797–829, 2010.
          36. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin, F. Y. Wang, L. Wu.
            Lyapunov conditions for super Poincaré  inequalities.
            J. of Funct. Analysis. 256 : 1821–1841, 2009.
          37. P. Cattiaux, P. Collet, A. Lambert, S. Martinez, S. Méléard, J. San Martin.
            Quasi stationary distributions and diffusion models in population dynamics.
            The Annals of Probability, 37 (5) : 1926–1969, 2009.
          38. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin.
            Trends to equilibrium in total variation distance.
            Ann.Institut Henri Poincaré, 45 (1) : 117–145, 2009.
          39. P. Cattiaux, P. Dai Pra, S. Roelly.
            A Constructive Approach to a Class of Ergodic HJB Equations with unbounded and non smooth Cost.
            SIAM J. Control Optim. 47 (5) : 2598–2615, 2008.
          40.  D. Bakry, F. Barthe, P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin.
            A simple proof of the Poincaré inequality in a large class of probability measures including log-concave cases. 
            Elec. Comm. Prob. 13 : 60–66, 2008.
          41. D. Bakry, P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin.
            Rate of convergence for ergodic continuous Markov processes : Lyapunov versus Poincaré.
            J. of Funct. Analysis. 254 : 727–759, 2008.
            Complement on Theorem 1.2 and Theorem 1.3  [pdf-complement]
          42. P. Cattiaux,  A. Guillin, F. Malrieu.
            Uniform transportation inequalities and concentration for particular approximation of granular media equations.
            Prob. Theory and Rel. Fields. 140 : 19–40, 2008.
            The final Proposition 4.3 is incorrect.
          43. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin.
            Deviation bounds for additive functionals of Markov processes.
            ESAIM PS. 12 : 12–29, 2008.
          44. F. Barthe, P. Cattiaux, C. Roberto.
            Isoperimetry between exponential and Gaussian.
            Electronic J. Proba. 12 : 1212–1237, 2007.
          45. P. Cattiaux, I. Gentil, A. Guillin.
            Weak logarithmic-Sobolev inequalities and entropic convergence.
            Prob. Theory and Rel. Fields. 139 : 563–603, 2007.
          46. P. Cattiaux, N. Gozlan.
            Deviations bounds and conditional principles for thin sets.
            Stoch. Proc. and their Appli. 117 : 221-250, 2007.
          47.  F. Barthe, P. Cattiaux, C. Roberto.
            Interpolated inequalities between exponential and gaussian, Orlicz hypercontractivity and application to isoperimetry.
            Revista Matematica Iberoamericana. 22 : 993–1066, 2006.
          48. P. Cattiaux, A. Guillin.
            On quadratic transportation cost inequalities.
            J. Math.Pures Appl. 86 : 342–361, 2006.
          49. F. Barthe, P. Cattiaux, C. Roberto.
            Concentration for independent random variables with heavy tails.
            AMRX 2005(2): 39–60, 2005.
          50. P. Cattiaux.
            Hypercontractivity for perturbed diffusion semigroups.
            Ann. Fac. Sciences Toulouse Math. (6) 14 (4):609–628, 2005.
          51. P. Cattiaux.
            A pathwise approach of some classical inequalities.
            Potential Analysis 20:361–394, 2004.
          52. P. Cattiaux, L. Mesnager.
            Hypoelliptic non-homogeneous diffusions.
            Prob. Theory and Rel. Fields 123:453–483, 2002.
            Complement [pdf-complement]
          53. P. Cattiaux, F. Gamboa.
            Large deviations and variational theorems for marginal problems.
            Bernoulli 5:81–108, 1999.
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            Entropy, reversible diffusion processes and Markov uniqueness.
            J. Funct. Anal. 138:243–272, 1996.
          55. P. Cattiaux, S. Roelly, H. Zessin.
            Une approche gibbsienne des diffusions browniennes infini-dimensionelles.
            Prob. Theory and Rel. Fields 104:147–179, 1996
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            Minimization of the Kullback Information for General Markov Processes.
            Séminaire de Probabilités XXX. LNM 1626, Springer Verlag, 283–311, 1996.
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            Large deviations and Nelson Processes.
            Forum Mathematicum 7:95–115, 1995.
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            Minimization of the Kullback Information of Diffusion Processes.
            Ann. Inst. Henri Poincaré   30:83–132, 1994 and correction Ann. Inst. Henri Poincaré 31:705-707, 1995.
          59. P. Cattiaux.
            Stochastic calculus and degenerate boundary value problems. 
            Ann. Institut Fourier, 42:541–624, 1992.
          60. P. Cattiaux.
            Calcul stochastique et opérateurs dégénérés du second ordre{II}. Problème de Dirichlet.
            Bull. Sciences. Math., 115:81–122, 1991.
          61. P. Cattiaux, J.P. Lepeltier.
            Existence of a quasi Markov Nash equilibrium for non-zero sum Markov stopping games.
            Stochastics and Stoch. Rep. 30:85-103, 1990.
          62. P. Cattiaux.
            Calcul stochastique et opérateurs dégénérés du second ordre{I}. Résolvantes et théorème de Hörmander.
            Bull. Sciences. Math., 114:421–462, 1990.
          63. P. Cattiaux.
            Time reversal of diffusion processes with a boundary condition.
            Stoch.Proc. and their Appli. 28:275-292, 1988.
          64. P. Cattiaux.
            Régularité au bord pour les densités et les densités conditionnelles d’une diffusion réfléchie hypoelliptique. 
            Stochastics and Stoch. Rep., 20:309–340, 1987.
          65. P. Cattiaux. 
            Hypoellipticité et hypoellipticité partielle pour les diffusions avec une condition frontière.
            Ann. Institut Henri Poincaré, 22:67–112, 1986.


Unpublished papers and some lecture notes

          1. Lectures given in Turku on Functional Inequalities. (2005).
          2. Lectures given in Wuhan on Singular Diffusions. (2001). [pdf]
          3. P. Cattiaux, F. Petit. Singular diffusions, time reversal and applications to Fokker-Planck equations. (2001). [pdf]
          4. P. Cattiaux, C. Christophe, S. Gadat.
            A stochastic model for Cytotoxic T. Lymphocyte interaction with tumor nodules. (2016). [pdf]


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